Call for Papers

ISSN: 2837-9950 (Online)

The Journal of Innovation (JOI) is pleased to invite researchers, scholars, and ambitious students from all disciplines to submit their manuscripts with innovation relevance for publication. JOI defines innovation broadly as "realizing something new." For more information on the research topics covered by the journal, please visit our Journal Coverage page.

JOI is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that focuses on innovation across all areas, with a particular interest in research that explores the ways in which AI can facilitate innovation and creation. We welcome papers that investigate progress, mechanisms, methods, and processes of innovation in the AI age, as well as those that examine the impacts and implications of innovation for society.

In addition to research articles, JOI also accepts review articles, commentaries, and editorials that contribute to the understanding and advancement of innovation.

JOI is AI-friendly. Authors are encouraged to use AI tools in their research and writing.

Non-traditional authors, such as undergraduate and high school students, are also welcome to submit their work. Innovation can be conducted by anyone with a strong passion and the necessary effort.

JOI operates on a short publication cycle, with high-quality papers guaranteed to be published within 30 days of submission. We are committed to providing a seamless publication experience and ensuring that your research is shared with the wider community in a timely manner.

To submit your manuscript, please send your paper as a Word file attachment to We look forward to receiving your work and contributing to the advancement of innovation in all areas.