Journal of Innovations

 ISSN: 2837-9950 (Online) 

Vol. 1, Issue 2

Decode Innovation Dynamics with a Seven-Stage Model (Part 2)


Ping Lan 


This paper aims to develop a more comprehensive theoretical framework to help reveal the relationships between different types of innovation and an industry's dynamics. First, it identifies the common denominator of innovation, labeling it as an innovation tripartite. Secondly, it displays the tempo vigor of each element in the innovation tripartite, showing three different life curves. Thirdly, it consolidates the three life curves by employing three binding forces—learning mechanisms, perceived consequences, and aligning requirements. Finally, it ends with obtaining an integrated seven-stage innovation life cycle with possible loops. The chain-loop model possesses accommodativeness, simplicity, precise rhythm, and a built-in interface. 



Lan, P. (2023). Decode innovation dynamics with a seven-stage model (Part 2), Journal of Innovations. 1(2), 10-23. DOI: