Paper Publishing  Timeline

ISSN: 2837-9950 (Online)

As a bimonthly journal, JOI publishes six issues per year. We are committed to providing a streamlined and efficient publication experience for authors. To ensure the timely dissemination of research, articles are published on an ongoing basis as soon as they have been processed, thereby eliminating any delay in the appearance of accepted articles online. Our goal is to publish high-quality manuscripts within 30 days of submission.

Here is an overview of the publication timeline for JOI:

1.     Confirmation of Manuscript Submission: You will receive confirmation of your manuscript submission within three business days.

2.     Peer Review and Improvement Suggestions: Your manuscript will undergo a peer review, and you can expect to receive feedback and improvement suggestions within fourteen days of submission.

3.     Manuscript Publication: Once your paper has been reviewed, revised (if necessary), and registered with APCs, it will be published online within fourteen days.

JOI's swift publication process ensures that your research reaches the academic community as promptly as possible, allowing you to share your innovative findings and make an impact in your field without unnecessary delays.