Journal Uniqueness

ISSN: 2837-9950 (Online)

The Journal of Innovations (JOI) is a unique publication that distinguishes itself from other journals across three layers.  

Figure 1

Core, Medium, and Outer Features of JOI

Three core features determine the uniqueness of JOI

AI-Embracing: JOI is AI-friendly. It welcomes and encourages the use of AI tools in the research and writing process, allowing for greater efficiency, accuracy in research, and fostering more creative and innovative thinking. JOI is currently developing a special toolkit to assist authors in conducting research on innovation and crafting high-quality research papers (For more information, please visit Tools for Authors). By embracing AI, JOI not only stays ahead of the curve but also fosters a close relationship between human authors and AI, broadening the horizons of creativity and knowledge generation.

Innovation-Focused: JOI maintains a laser-like focus on innovation in a manner that no other journal does. JOI broadly defines innovation as "realizing something new" across all disciplines. As a result, JOI publishes articles from a wide range of fields, exploring all elements within the innovation domain without limitations. JOI looks beyond the mere presence of "innovation" in the title, focusing instead on the soul of innovation in each paper.

Student-Friendly: JOI caters to a previously underserved market of young innovators. It welcomes submissions from undergraduate and high school students, postgraduate students, hobbyists, and others passionate about innovation. JOI recognizes that these young innovators are the early adopters of innovation and informal innovation practitioners.

Two medium-layer features set JOI further apart from its peers

Attracts both traditional and non-traditional authors: The combination of AI-embracing and student-friendly features opens the door for young innovators to publish their work alongside traditional authors. While JOI remains at the forefront of cutting-edge research through human researchers and AI tools, many young innovators like undergraduate students, high school students, and hobbyists will emerge as non-traditional authors, quickly and enthusiastically navigating the landscape of innovation with the power of AI. JOI encourages submissions from both streams of authors, as it aims to foster a diverse and inclusive community of innovative minds.

Offers broad coverage and usage: The unique combination of JOI's core features creates a welcoming and inclusive platform for authors, readers, collaborators, and other stakeholders, expanding the reach and influence of the journal. This innovation-oriented exchange of ideas, knowledge, perspectives, and methodologies inspires and empowers the community to push the boundaries of conventional thinking and contribute to a brighter, more innovative future. Through this dynamic and inclusive approach, JOI is able to connect individuals and institutions from all over the world. For more information, please visit Journal Coverage and Journal Usage.

Four outer features help JOI maintain its usefulness 

Fast Dissemination: JOI ensures that accepted manuscripts are published within 30 days of submission, allowing for the rapid distribution of new ideas and findings.

Global Visibility: JOI offers unparalleled visibility for research in the field of innovation. It reaches a diverse range of readers through its global editors and open-access model.

Peer-Reviewed: JOI maintains a rigorous evaluation process for all submitted manuscripts. Experienced reviewers provide constructive feedback to authors, ensuring that only high-quality research is published.

Practical Influence: JOI's publications aim to offer real-world solutions to the challenges of innovation, providing insights and inspiration to readers, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. It strives to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and to make a practical impact in the field of innovation.