Journal of Innovations

ISSN: 2837-9950 (Online) 

Vol. 2, Issue 3

Effective Use of Social Media in a Digitalizing Landscape


Mason Wolverton


This paper addresses the increasing importance of considering social media in strategy formulation as well as tactical implementation to achieve strategic goals. The primary areas focused on reside around social media in the lens of strategic use, tactical use, and a comprehensive view to understand how interconnected social media decisions are in a digitalizing society. The primary research method used was through literature review, where current discussion on social media was gathered. Most of the body of literature seemed to focus on social media solely in the context of strategic level considerations or in the tactical implementation aspect. It seemed that if a comprehensive view was brought up briefly, much of the interconnected aspects were left indirectly touched on in favor of the singular focus. Thus, the application of this paper aims to offer a view for how social media decisions impact strategic level and tactical level actions and provide a clear picture of the importance in fully considering social media decisions with a comprehensive view in mind. 



Wolverton, M. (2024). Effective Use of Social Media in a Digitalizing Landscape. Journal of Innovations. 2(3), 30-39. DOI: