Journal of Innovations

ISSN: 2837-9950 (Online) 

Vol. 2, Issue 2

Mothers’ Concerns about Children’s Gadgets: Necessity and Creation


Joana Little and Karla Estrada 


This paper sheds light on the concerns of mothers regarding children's gadgets. It grapples with the quandary of assessing the necessity and costeffectiveness of various baby gadgets, weighing their benefits against their expenses. Simultaneously, it engages in experimental endeavors aimed at enhancing the safety of children through the development of improved childoriented gadgets. The research methodology encompasses literature review, personal observations, conversations with fellow parents, and innovative new product development. The study uncovers a fiercely competitive landscape in the baby product market. As soon as a new product gains traction, prominent companies swiftly replicate it, investing heavily in promotional activities, particularly online, where articles advocating "must-have baby products" proliferate. This phenomenon often leads first-time parents to acquire a surplus of gadgets, of which they ultimately utilize only two-thirds. Conversely, seasoned second-time parents exhibit a greater understanding of their needs and make more informed choices. Furthermore, the research identifies a category of valuable products born out of necessity, crafted by parents who could not find suitable solutions for their specific requirements. These innovative products can alleviate the challenges faced by parents, saving time, and reducing stress. However, compatibility across diverse platforms, such as the ability to use a product seamlessly across iOS and Windows devices, poses a critical consideration. The study also introduces a novel child tracking gadget based on experimenting. It suggests that established companies like Apple, Samsung, Tile, and Jiobit could leverage these research findings to refine their tracker placement and accessories, ultimately enhancing child safety and parental peace of mind.



Little, J. and Estrada, K. (2024). Mothers’ Concerns about Children’s Gadgets: Necessity and Creation. Journal of Innovations. 2(2), 35-49. DOI: