Journal of Innovations

 ISSN: 2837-9950 (Online)

Vol. 2, Issue 1

Developing a Wood Stove Cooktop Using the Task Unification Approach


Shadi Rabi


This research paper explores the evaluation of an innovative product within a burgeoning market. Specifically, it addresses the research question: Is there an emerging market for backcountry outdoor enthusiasts seeking enhanced cooking functionality in lightweight titanium woodstoves currently available? The study employs a variety of research methods, including personal observation, primary source evaluation through surveys and conversations, as well as a comprehensive literature review. The primary research approach employed throughout this project is the systematic inventive thinking method, with a focus on task unification. The study reveals the presence of a growing market for lightweight outdoor supplies, into which the proposed innovation fits. This not only benefits the inventor but also provides a valuable target market for other innovators in the field. Overall, the research findings suggest that further investigation is needed for the specific innovation but highlight the considerable potential within the lightweight outdoor supply market. This market is not only in its nascent stage but also holds significant promise for outdoor companies and innovators alike. 



Rabi, S. (2024). Developing a Wood Stove Cooktop Using the Task Unification Approach. Journal of Innovations. 2(1), 55-65. DOI: