Required Paper Format

ISSN: 2837-9950 (Online)

JOI seeks to ensure consistency and readability across all published articles. All authors please follow the following journal paper format requirements when preparing your manuscript (You can download a Paper Template here): 

1.     File Format: Submit your manuscript as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) file.

2.     Page Setup: Use standard A4 (8.27 x 11.69 inches) page size with 1-inch margins on all sides. The text should be in a single column format.

3.     Font: Use a clear and readable font such as Times New Roman or Arial, with a font size of 12 points for the main text. 

4.     Line Spacing: 1.15-spacing throughout the manuscript, including the abstract, main text, references, figure captions, and table titles.

5.     Paragraphs: Indent the first line of each paragraph by 0.5 inches except the first paragraph in each section, and do not add extra spacing between paragraphs.

6.     Headings: Use a consistent heading structure with appropriate hierarchy. Use boldface and capitalized letters for Level 1 headings. Use boldface and capitalize first letter for Level 2 headings. Use boldface, italicize, and capitalize the first letter for Level 3 headings.

7.     Abstract: Include an abstract of 100-250 words that briefly summarizes the purpose, methodology, results, and conclusions of your study. Do not include citations or abbreviations in the abstract.

8.     Keywords: List 4-5 keywords that accurately represent the content of your paper, separated by commas.

9.     Figures and Tables: Clearly label all figures and tables, and include descriptive captions. Place figures and tables as close as possible to the relevant text within the manuscript. Use high-resolution images (at least 300 dpi) for all figures.

10. Citations and References: Use a consistent citation and referencing style, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago. In-text citations should be formatted according to the chosen style, and a complete list of references should be provided at the end of the manuscript. JOI prefers to format the reference alphabetically by the last name of the first author.

11. Footnotes: Avoid using footnotes and put needed contents in the text.

12. Acknowledgments: Include an acknowledgments section, if applicable, to recognize individuals or institutions that have contributed to your research or provided funding.

13. Appendices: If necessary, include appendices after the references. Appendices should be labeled with consecutive letters (e.g., Appendix A, Appendix B) and contain supplementary material that is not essential to the understanding of the main text.

By adhering to these comprehensive format requirements, you can ensure that your manuscript is professionally presented and easily readable, increasing the likelihood of a successful publication process.