Journal of Innovations

 ISSN: 2837-9950 (Online) 

Vol. 1, Issue 1

Decode Innovation Dynamics with a Seven-Stage Model (Part 1)  


Ping Lan   


This paper aims to develop a more comprehensive theoretical framework to help reveal the relationships between different types of innovation and collective innovation dynamics. This research, breaking away from the traditional dichotic analysis, adopts a tripartite as the innovation gateway. Then, it uses a deductive method to demonstrate the existence of seven innovation patterns. Furthermore, it converts the seven patterns into a chronically linked seven-stage innovation chain and possible loops. The chain-loop model possesses accommodativeness, simplicity, precise rhythm, and a built-in interface. It helps develop an integrated understanding of innovation for scholars and formulate an innovation roadmap for practitioners. 



Lan, P. (2023). Decode innovation dynamics with a seven-stage model (part 1). Journal of Innovations. 1(1), 7-18. DOI: