Journal of Innovations

ISSN: 2837-9950 (Online) 

Vol. 2, Issue 2

Addressing Hospitals’ Sustainability through an Innovation Lens


Margot Dehn


The healthcare industry is a complex and multifaceted sector often resistant to change. However, it is now facing increasing pressure to incorporate sustainability practices as a fundamental component of business operations in the United States. This imperative necessitates that hospitals adopt new approaches and evolve into highly sustainable organizations. While some healthcare institutions have been slow to adapt, others have proactively integrated innovative thinking and processes into their operations to address this critical challenge. By employing a synthesis of literature, this study uncovers several strategies for effecting sustainable changes within hospitals, which are categorized as environmental, economic, and social initiatives. These strategies encompass a spectrum of options, including, but not limited to, optimizing waste management, reducing carbon emissions, engaging with local communities, sourcing food locally, creating green spaces, promoting recycling and equipment repurposing, and enhancing energy and resource efficiency. The research also emphasizes that the successful implementation of new process innovations to guide an organization toward sustainability hinges on unwavering commitment and determination from the implementing entity. By embracing the strategies identified within this study, organizations are equipped with a diverse array of pathways to initiate transformative processes toward heightened sustainability awareness. 



Dehn, M. (2024). Addressing Hospitals’ Sustainability through an Innovation Lens. Journal of Innovations. 2(2), 50-60. DOI: