Journal of Innovations

 ISSN: 2837-9950 (Online)

Vol. 2, Issue 1

Sparking Fireworks Safely: An Innovative Exploration in Handheld Device Development


Jakota Ghiloni


Firework safety has become a critical yet often underestimated concern during holiday festivities and personal enjoyment. Insufficient public awareness regarding safety guidelines and a lack of suitable tools to adhere to firework label warnings have resulted in a rise in incidents. These incidents primarily occur due to human errors when handling both aerial and handheld fireworks in public and pyrotechnic settings. Past research has heavily relied on rule-based systems, which establish guidelines for comprehensive testing related to fireworks ignition, personal protective equipment, and post-explosion management. However, these efforts have proven inadequate in addressing the specific needs of consumers and exploring innovative solutions to enhance firework safety. This research takes a novel approach by seeking insights from industry professionals and consumers while incorporating scientific materials to support innovative solutions within the firework industry. While past assumptions have centered on optimizing the chemical composition of fireworks to enhance safety, this study reveals a lack of substantial innovation beyond chemical enhancements in firework entertainment. This paper bridges existing knowledge gaps and addresses the seriousness of safety concerns related to handheld firework devices like punks and sparklers. It introduces an innovative solution that empowers both the public and professional pyrotechnicians to safely ignite fireworks, utilizing technology to detect the end of firework sticks and reduce burn risks. In summary, firework safety standards represent a relatively recent addition to the world of innovation, considering that professionals before the 19th century lacked access to the innovative technologies available today within a five-year timeframe. This research seeks to revolutionize firework safety and ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience for all.



Ghiloni, J. (2024). Sparking Fireworks Safely: An Innovative Exploration in Handheld Device Development. Journal of Innovations. 2(1), 31-41. DOI: