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JOI's Innovation Domain

Aim and Scope: JOI aims to promote Innovation. It is proud to cover a broad range of topics related to innovation across all disciplines. Its subject categories encompass the multifaceted nature of innovation, as well as the diverse aspects of creativity, entrepreneurship, and invention. The broad and unique coverage aims at fostering a comprehensive understanding of innovation, its dynamics, and its implications for society. At the same time, JOI intends to empower and inspire its readers to contribute to the ongoing development and advancement of innovation across all fields. JOI's coverage includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:


Innovation in Action (Applications & Progress)


Innovation Features & Toolkits

Innovation Impacts and Innovation Measurement

Innovators, Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and Other Stakeholders

Innovation Mechanisms & Methods

Innovation Environment & Affecting Factors

Innovation Control & Management

Innovation Process & Innovation Dynamics