Journal of Innovations

 ISSN: 2837-9950 (Online) 

Vol. 1, Issue 3

Decode Innovation Dynamics with a Seven-Stage Model (Part 3)


Ping Lan   


Drawing on prior efforts to develop a 7-stage-chain-loop innovation life cycle model, this paper explains how the model can be advanced theoretically and integrated into managerial practices. When the model is applied to the typewriter industry, the paper segments the rich history of the industry, spanning over a century, into a 7-stage-chain with three loops. In broadening the horizons of theoretical innovation research, the paper proposes four themes, ranging from the measurement of innovativeness to the creation of a comprehensive innovation framework. When considering the application of the 7-stage-chain-loop model in future managerial practices, the paper offers distinct perspectives for identifying a specific innovation landscape, devising an apt innovation strategy, and overseeing chosen innovation progress. Taken together, these elements illuminate a distinct pathway for deciphering and harnessing the dynamics of innovation.



Lan, P. (2023). Decode innovation dynamics with a seven-stage model (Part 3). Journal of Innovations. 1(3), 6-26. DOI: