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JOI’s editorial board sincerely welcomes nominations and recommendations to help grow JOI. By joining our editorial board, recommending authors or topics, suggesting practices or activities, or sharing any other ideas, you can help us continue to foster a dynamic and inclusive platform for research dissemination. Feel free to use the form below or send an email to to engage with our editors.

Self-nomination for joining the editorial board: If you have expertise in a relevant field and are interested in contributing to our journal as a member of the editorial board, please submit a self-nomination with your qualifications and experience.

Nominate someone for the editorial board: If you know a colleague or expert in the field who would be an excellent addition to our editorial board, kindly nominate them by providing their contact information and a brief description of their qualifications.

Recommend an author for the journal: If you have come across a researcher, scholar, or student whose work aligns with our journal's scope and focus, we welcome recommendations for potential authors and contributors.

Recommend a topic for coverage: We are always looking for emerging and relevant topics to include in our journal. Please feel free to recommend any areas of interest or research gaps that you believe deserve coverage.

Recommend a practice for the journal: We are committed to continuous improvement and welcome recommendations for best practices that can enhance our editorial process, publication quality, or article readability, and user engagement.

Recommend an activity for the journal: As part of our efforts to engage with the research community, we invite recommendations for activities, such as workshops, webinars, or conferences, that can help us promote knowledge exchange and networking.

Other recommendations: We appreciate any additional suggestions or ideas that can help improve our journal and support our mission to provide a vibrant platform for high-quality research.